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raconteur ... animal lover ... bon vivant ... professional geek ... technologist ... student. this page will start to fill in the blanks about our subject and hero as he bumbles through life from his lovely home located in scenic baghdad-by-the-bay.

a timeline of sorts:

  • september 1962 -- born in the bronx.
  • 1966 (i think--don't really remember this) -- birth mother dies of cancer.
  • september 1968 -- i start first grade at holy family school in the bronx. miss barrett was my first grade teacher. this is the start of a twelve year lesson during which i've learned that any expression of intellectual curiosity may be welcomed by the teaching staff but will definitely be punished by your contemporaries.
  • september 1976 -- i become a freshman student at saint raymond high school for boys in the bronx. more of the same ...
  • september 1980 -- i become a freshman student at syracuse university in syracuse, new york. i was accepted as an "early admission" student to the school of computer and information science (no small feat--while syracuse takes a freshman class numbering in the thousands, only about two hundred freshmen would be admitted to the class of 1984 for the school of computer and information science). i master the computer science easily enough, fall sick in my first semester and miss lots of classes and still get an A in the intro CS class by pulling the highest A on the final exam. i am, however, less interested in my other coursework and money concerns continue to plague me.
  • september 1981 -- i pledge theta chi fraternity. noble idea--too bad the membership didn't live up to their ideals. i was ultimately expelled in absentia as an alumnus because i was gay.
  • september 1982 -- i give up on the idea that i can be a full-time student and i take up full-time employment with the university. i am, basically, a secretary for the student government ... it comes with some remitted tuition, so i continue school at night but that turns out to be a total drag and i become anxious about not completing school more quickly ...
  • january 1984 -- thinking i can resume my education somewhere less expensive, i transfer to purdue university in west lafayette, indiana. they don't have an equivalent program so i become a psychology major. what a horrible idea--i hated purdue, i hated the midwest, and it was a horrible time.
  • december 1985 -- i leave purdue for christmas break to visit a friend in philadelphia. there i learn that i was laid off from my part-time job in the computer science department and so i decide to stay in philadelphia, where i become a kelly girl (that is, an employee in the office worker division of kelly services). i worked at the university of pennsylvania law school doing menial clerical stuff and wowing the people around me. they wanted me to do computer support for something like $16,000 per year ... but instead i move to boston and ...
  • april 1986 -- begin employment with project athena at the massachusetts institute of technology. i always say that this is the best attendance-optional job i've ever had. i loved working at the institute and the people were peerless (in some good ways, and in some bad ways). i spent five and a half years associated with the institute.
  • april of 1991 -- the institute lays me off and i take a job in california.
  • april 2000 -- purchased a home in san francisco! woohoo!
  • november 2000 -- the first of several layoffs during the "dot-com era."
  • december 2000 -- start working for razorfish (now mostly defunct).
  • april 2001 -- laid off from razorfish. i take some time to travel, do stuff around the house, and sleep in ... while looking for a job, of course
  • december 2001 -- begin work for a small new york-based startup.
  • october 2002 -- laid off from small new york-based startup.
  • january 2003 -- working toward creating an independent one-man consultancy ... with moderate success.
  • july 2003 -- join vivato as i.t. manager
  • march 2004 -- still not a university graduate. schlepping back and forth to spokane, washington for vivato. men not returning my phone calls. life is generally *blah*
  • november 2004 -- laid off by vivato. return to the consulting "lifestyle."
  • october 2005 -- still consulting. my "big" client is an adult entertainment firm which turns out to be, in many respects, the nicest place i've worked in a while.
  • spring 2006 -- finally licensed as an amateur radio operator. i'm hoping to nail down morse code and upgrade to general by the fall of 2006.
  • july 2006 -- ok, so i should update this more often ... enjoying the summer. busier than i expected. completing graduation requirements in a few weeks! yay!
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